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About the Filmmakers

Who are we?


Chris Cormier: I Am the Real Deal is a passion project put together by people with not only a long history in the sport of bodybuilding but also with a background in film and documentary.

Gary Phillips, Co-Director

Originally from the UK, Gary is one of the most respected and renowned bodybuilding photographers in the industry, having covered every major show for the past three decades.

He also directed Dare2Dream, a documentary on bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler, and Shadow Warrior about eight-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates.

Davin Sgargetta, Co-Director/Writer/Producer

A former bodybuilding magazine editor and filmmaker, Davin knows both worlds very well. He directed the documentary Fat and Back about a personal trainer who deliberately put on weight to understand his clients better, which was sold internationally into more than 20 markets. He also founded the media production business Hook Media, with whom he created the bodybuilding docu-series Gains, following Australian IFBB pro Josh Lenartowicz, among other fitness media products.

Daniel Hedger, Writer/Producer

Another former bodybuilding magazine editor, working at Australian Iron Man for eight years, Daniel now works in the content and video production industry alongside Davin at Hook Media. Daniel also produced the Josh Lenartowicz docu-series Gains.